Electrical Panel Upgrades

The electric panel is the center of any electric system. It distributes power throughout your home through circuits. Each circuit is covered with a breaker. Breakers trip whenever a circuit pulls too much power. 

It’s important that the breaker be the right size for the circuit it protects. Hot, humming, or frequently tripping breakers are signals of trouble in your panel. It’s important to keep and check your electric panel regularly to avoid major harm. Temecula Electrician’s Accredited Electricians perform panel inspections on every service call and offer maintenance. We look for indications of wear and tighten all of your connections.

Is your panel overloaded?

The present day home is filled with high-tech and high-power consumer electronics and home appliances that the initial home builder might not have expected. Subsequently, many old homes with unique panels are overloaded and present a significant open fire risk. Temecula Electricians use a special meter to check every panel and heat guns to check on panel temps. Overloaded panels generate temperature before they short or burn out which helps us locate concerns before they become hazardous and costly.

Temecula Electrical Services.

We are able to upgrade your electric meter and panel and bring more electrical energy into the home. We are able to also install another disconnect to safeguard your home from open fire and a fresh grounding system to safeguard your loved ones from electrical surprise. Our complete electric service upgrade carries a new panel, new meter, new grounding system, new breakers, and new service admittance cable, and new power contacts from your utility company. An entire service update is the best fix to dimming or flickering lamps.

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